Why Crickets?

The cricket thing started as a joke. I was doing a podcast with Kalen Jordan when he jokingly said, “I would love to have a Cricket Protein Powder Sponsor.” One thing led to another, and I wrote a blog post about Cricket Protein. My goal was to get a free sponsor.

One magical thing happened after another, and suddenly Talk Commerce is ranking for Cricket Protein. The magic only gets better. I saw that Cricket Protein was continuing to be a strength, so I wrote a follow-up article called.

What Brands Use Cricket Flour and Why?

Within a week, I was #3 on Google for what brands use cricket protein.

What Brands use Cricket Protein?

Why am I telling you this?

If you looking for a way to bring free traffic to your website, then It’s time to think outside the box and go beyond conventional solutions.

Looking for different ideas can help you draw traffic and help you stand out from the competition.

Think of something unique and creative that will appeal to your target audience. It could be a new product or service, a fun game, or a creative content piece. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that will grab people’s attention and entice them to visit your website. Or you can do what I did and start testing content.

Once you have something in motion, you can promote it through various channels. Social media is an obvious choice, but you can contact influencers and bloggers to spread the word.

The idea here is to bring free traffic to your website. These crazy ideas can be the key to unlocking a new source of free website traffic. Take the time to think of something unique and creative. This could be the key to taking your website to the next level.

After all, you might have clicked on the banner on Talk Commerce only to end up on this post. 


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