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Experience the revolution in content creation with Content Basis. Our blend of AI-driven innovation and real human expertise seamlessly addresses your content challenges. From idea generation to editing, publishing, and social media scheduling, we've got it all covered, including sourcing impactful images. Simplify your content journey with a solution that answers the 'what, who, when, how, and where' of content creation.

Content Creation Done For You.

Why Content Basis

Welcome to Content Basis, where we revolutionize content creation and optimization using predictive analytics, machine learning, and human expertise. We provide tailored strategies to enhance engagement, search rankings, and your brand's online presence.

We combine data-driven insights and human creativity to deliver exceptional results tailored to your audience. Unlock your website's potential and stay competitive with Content Basis.

To get regular content for your website, consider the following options:

  1. Hire in-house writers or a content team.
  2. Outsource content creation to freelancers or an agency.
  3. Utilize user-generated content or guest posts.
  4. Leverage content creation tools or AI solutions like ChatGPT.

Content Basis exists to bring you predictive analytics combined with humans that will leverage AI to develop content for your website.


We use predictive analytics to discover new content before you know you need it.

At Content Basis, we're dedicated to revolutionizing content creation and optimization. We understand that valuable content is the basis for exponential business growth, which is why we combine predictive analytics, machine learning, and human expertise to help you achieve unparalleled engagement and online success.

(Ask about having your content posted for you.)


800 Word Blog posts 2 times a week.


Keyword research and strategy

Topics and Trends

8-10 Blog posts/mo, up to 800 words

60 Social posts/mo

Ten custom images/mo

Performance monitoring

Bi-weekly strategy meetings

Most Popular


A Post every business day. Everything in Weekly Plus:


One post each business day

100+ social posts/mo

Royalty-free graphic for each post.

Social scheduling*

Topic Queue

Branding on Images (If desired)

Hand Off

We do everything for you. We are your Marketing Department. Everything in Daily Plus:


Daily Standup (When wanted)

End-to-End Content Publication

Content review and ideation meetings

Instagram, TikTok, Video

Account Manager

Monthly SEO Audit

Branding on Images (If desired)

We do it for you.

While machine learning has undoubtedly transformed the content creation process, humans remain essential in ensuring the content’s quality, relevance, and impact. By combining the efficiency and scalability of machine learning with human creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking, Content Basis can create content that meets the demands of the digital age and resonates with readers on a deeper level. This symbiotic relationship between humans and machines enables us to harness the best of both worlds, elevating content creation to new heights.

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