Shopify Beta Clients Wanted

Running a Shopify store and looking to boost engagement? Our beta initiative harnesses Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and your sales data to craft content that resonates with your customers.

Tailored for Shopify merchants, our approach ensures your blog doesn't just exist—it thrives. Focus on selling; we'll handle the content.


Why Content Basis

Because we're the content creation equivalent of a mullet: AI-powered efficiency up front, human creativity in the back.

As Google cracks down on AI-generated content, we're here to save the day. Our skilled writers and editors work alongside advanced AI tools to create original, engaging, and search engine-friendly content that captures your audience's attention and drives meaningful engagement.

Sure, we leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize your content strategy, but our human experts fine-tune and polish every piece to perfection. They ensure that your content meets Google's strictest standards and has that special something that only a human touch can provide.

So, choose Content Basis and let us help you navigate the wild world of content creation. We promise not to let the robots take over... completely.

content creation equivalent of a mullet- AI-powered efficiency up front, human creativity in the back

Discover tomorrow's content today – start with predictive analytics now!

At Content Basis, we're like fortune tellers, but instead of crystal balls, we use predictive analytics to know what your audience wants before they do. Our secret sauce is a blend of machine learning and human expertise that's so effective, it's almost magical.

We're dedicated to revolutionizing content optimization and helping you achieve online success that'll make your competitors green with envy. Plus, we don't just create content; we can also post it for you – like a personal assistant for your website, minus the small talk.

Ready for content creation that's out of this world? Give us a shout. We promise to keep the mind-reading to a minimum.

(P.S. Having your content posted for you? Total game-changer. Just saying.)


800 Word Blog posts 2 times a week.


Keyword research and strategy

Topics and Trends

8-10 Blog posts/mo, up to 800 words

60 Social posts/mo

Ten custom images/mo

Performance monitoring

Bi-weekly strategy meetings

Most Popular


A Post every business day. Everything in Weekly Plus:


One post each business day

100+ social posts/mo

Royalty-free graphic for each post.

Social scheduling*

Topic Queue

Branding on Images (If desired)

Hand Off

We do everything for you. We are your Marketing Department. Everything in Daily Plus:


Daily Standup (When wanted)

End-to-End Content Publication

Content review and ideation meetings

Instagram, TikTok, Video

Account Manager

Monthly SEO Audit

Branding on Images (If desired)

We do it for you.

While machine learning has undoubtedly transformed the content creation process, humans remain essential in ensuring the content’s quality, relevance, and impact. By combining the efficiency and scalability of machine learning with human creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking, Content Basis can create content that meets the demands of the digital age and resonates with readers on a deeper level. This symbiotic relationship between humans and machines enables us to harness the best of both worlds, elevating content creation to new heights.

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